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From John Hunt <>
Subject Re: action.xml
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:03:01 GMT
Is there a to remove the bean from the session scope
after the purpose is solved. 
Say I have 50 pages and out of that 5 pages share one
form bean. I would put that bean in the session scope.
But I dont want that to be alive for that entire
session except for that 5 pages right....

Another question, if I have a bean in a page and I
enter user data, if there are errors the page is
redisplayed and the data entered is rendered from the
form bean. If this form bean is request scope, and if
I go 10 pages ahead and do a browser back back till I
come back to this page, will the data which I entered
some time back be present, with the bean being request
scope??? If it is retained is it a browser property or
is it because of form bean. If it doenst retain and we
want it to be retained, then should we put such form
beans also under session scope???

--- wrote:
> > If a formBean is spread acroos multiple but
> > consecutive ( again consecutive ) pages, should I
> put
> > the bean in session or will the request scope do
> > because they are consecutive pages.
> I believe, session, since each visit to each page in
> sequence is a separate
> request.
> Regards,
> James W.
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