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From Christophe Thiébaud <>
Subject Re: graphical button in form
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 23:07:25 GMT
On Thu, 01 Feb 2001, you wrote:

>> Is there a prefered way to implement graphical buttons within a struts form ?

> You can use html:image tag and specify appropriate client-side scripts
> for image switching.
>  Oleg                  

thanks Oleg for your example
but it did only address a part of the problem I described

how do you manage several <input type=submit> fields within one form ?

<input> does not have a body, so you cannot nest an <img> inside an <input>

<button> address this limitation, you can nest a <img> field into the body, 
but IE (here is 5.5) draws an ugly gray square around, and Netscape (4) does
not support mouseover/out within the <img>, only inside <button>...

Eventually I managed it with <img> fields alone (not nested) within a form:
- mouse up and down are working fine IE + Netscape
- on doclick, a javascript sets the value of an hidden input field
named "action" which I can then test in the request parameters

but  ...

mouseover/out still does not work with Nescape, so I will need to test the
browser to produce a different response, one with a button for netscape, the
other without for IE... ?

It is a lot of work for buttons ... Am I missing something ? there must be
something smarter...


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