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From "Oliphant, Geoff" <>
Subject RE: Action Mapping not getting called
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 23:16:20 GMT
Here is the signature of my perform method:

public ActionForward perform(ActionMapping mapping,
				ActionForm form,
				HttpServletRequest request,
				HttpServletResponse response)
		throws IOException, ServletException

and this is called by the ActionServlet which uses the ActionInstance passed
in to call the perform(*) method with as below:

ActionForward forward =
	    action.perform(mapping, formInstance, request, response);
        return (forward);

Can anyone else help me??

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From: Brian Bowman []
Sent: Monday, 15 January 2001 16:37
Subject: RE: Action Mapping not getting called

The signature of the perform method has changed to four parameters for
version .9xxx. Which is probably why your method isn't getting called.

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[]On Behalf Of Oliphant, Geoff
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2001 9:17 AM
To: ''
Subject: Action Mapping not getting called

I'm in the process of upgrading existing apps to 0.99999 but having a
problem getting my perform() method getting called from the main application
controller servlet.

in struts-config.xml:
  <action path="/employeesearch"

	<forward name="success" path="/employee_search_results.jsp"/>
	<forward name="details" path="/employee_details.jsp"/>

The code calls '' and it goes through the main controller
servlet as described in




This works fine. The action servlet collects the actionInstance, mapping and
formInstance and calls:

processActionPerform(actionInstance, mapping, formInstance, request,

but the perform method in my EmployeeSearchAction never gets called.

Any ideas?



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