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Can anyone please give me an example of a multi-page form - ie. a single form and a single action class, where the form class is filled in over several jsp pages. Below is an extract from the struts user guide, but I would really like to see an example. Finally, can someone please explain the last sentence.
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... struts user guide...
You should note that a "form", in the sense discussed here, does not necessarily correspond to a single JSP page in the user interface. It is common in many applications to have a "form" (from the user's perspective) that extends over multiple pages. Think, for example, of the wizard style user interface that is commonly used when installing new applications. Struts encourages you to define a single ActionForm bean that contains properties for all of the fields, no matter which page the field is actually displayed on. Likewise, the various pages of the same form should all be submitted to the same Action Class.

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