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From Aur Gal <>
Subject RE: ActionForm clearing
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 19:44:43 GMT
Hi Don,
this is troubling me too. One way I thought of solving it was to invalidate
the session but it didn't seem to work or I didn't do it right. If the
session is invalidated the bean is wiped out and so when the form is loaded
again it has to create a new session and a new bean. It worked for me with
standard JSP so it should work with struts. 

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From: Don Jones []
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 2:39 PM
Subject: ActionForm clearing

When using a <struts:submit>  do I need to manually clear the ActionForm
or is there some built-in STRUTS functionality that will do this for
me?   It is probably right in front of me and I am not seeing it.   In
my app, after a <struts:submit> I forward back to the jsp from which
this form can be selected again.  When selected the inputs from the
previous entry are still in the form.

Don Jones

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