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From Oleg V Alexeev <>
Subject Re[2]: TagDefs for HomeSite
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2000 10:57:53 GMT
Hello Eduardo,

Thank you.
But what is it - JSR-52?

Sunday, October 08, 2000, 6:13:45 AM, you wrote:

EPL> I know of none, but it would be very good if people started contributing
EPL> support (even if basic) for their favorite authoring tools.

EPL> BTW, most vendors participate in JSR-052, which will produce a standard
EPL> tag library.  Struts will use JSR-052 as it becomes available (and
EPL> JSR-052 will be influenced by struts & jakarta-taglibs).  A number of
EPL> vendors have already indicated that they will provide support for the
EPL> standard tag library in their authoring tools.

EPL>         - eduard/o

EPL> Oleg V Alexeev wrote:
>> Hello struts-user,
>>   Are there TagDefs for HomeSite for struts libraries?
>> --
>> Best regards,
>>  Oleg                

Best regards,

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