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From Jannik Nørgaard Steen>
Subject Question about populating beans with form-data..
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 07:27:09 GMT

we're developing a web application, were we have a number of beans
instantiated inside the Servlet container with data from some EJB's. Then
these beans are used with <struts:iterate> and other Struts tags to present
the user with
various selects and text in a web browser.

Our problem is this:

We have some items on display in the webbrowser. Every item has some
identical selects attached.
How do we populate a ActionForm bean or a other bean with data from the form
submitted, in the case that the form contains an unknown number of selects ?

To my knowledge it should not be possible as reflection is used to populate
beans. Therefore we cannot know the number of methods (and method names) to
include in our beans.

Is this a common problem or is it bad design ?

Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards
Jannik Nørgaard Steen
Software Developer
Digital Zone International

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