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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: ActionClass chaining
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 18:05:43 GMT
Juan Gargiulo wrote:

> Craig,
> Thanks for your fast reply. Sorry, but I didn't see your example of
> forwarding to an action class because I changed the forwarding of the
> saveSubscription to the mainMenu.jsp in my modified version of your example
> :-)


> I wanted to tell you that I just tried struts and I think it's great. I was
> able to learn it in a very short time and struts architecture is really
> going to help me create well structured applications. The company decided to
> implement a prototype of one of the products with struts, so we need to know
> if there is or is going to be soon, a final version.

My goal is to have a 1.0 release (at least in beta, but hopefully finalized) by
ApacheCon Europe, which is October 23-25,2000 in London.  I'm feverishly editing
the TODO list of the things that need to be done (which is why people wanting to
work on developing Struts haven't heard much from me in the last couple of days

One of the issues I have felt is really important is to maintain as much
backwards compatibility as possible as Struts has developed.  However, there are
likely to be some backwards-incompatible changes when 1.0 comes out.  I won't be
removing any existing functionality -- but it will need to be utilized in
slightly different ways.

One of the top-level goals for 1.0 is getting the APIs nailed down so that we
can extend the Struts framework in the future, without breaking backwards
compatibility after 1.0.

> I also wanted to ask you about something that I couldn't figure out yet how
> to solve it properly. The problem is with refreshing pages. Sometimes the
> user is on a certain page that contains a form, and after submitting the
> form, they go to another page, but their url is still pointing to the url
> that processed the form. So if they refresh the page, they will be sending
> the form info again to the url that processed this form, and this is
> something that we don't want.

This is a standard problem with web browsers, and isn't specific to Struts.  One
thing that Struts does offer to help you is a configuration setting on the
ActionServlet servlet.  If you include the following init parameter:


then the controller servlet will set the following three HTTP headers on every
response that was initiated by going through the controller servlet:

    Pragma: No-cache
    Cache-Control: no-cache
    Expires:  <a date/time long in the past>

These headers are designed to convince browsers and proxies not to cache the
original page, so that it will be re-requested from the server.

In general, users of webapps need to be trained to use the navigation controls
provided by the application rather than the browser buttons that they use when
surfing web sites.  But of course that is not always possible, so we need to
provide as much protection as we can against the back button and things like

> Thanks again,
> juan


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