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From Jannik Nørgaard Steen>
Subject Exception using Struts and Resin1.1.3 in method bodyContent.getString() in doEndTag() method
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 12:01:16 GMT

I get an null pointer exception when using for example <struts:submit> in my
I've looked in the submit tag handler code and noticed that it calls
in the doEndTag() method, which obviously causes the exception (when used
with Resin).

Furthermore I have looked in the Servlet 2.2. spec. and cannot find any
clear definition on
at what points in the tag handler method calls the contents of the
bodyContent should be

My question is:

Is Resin not implemented correctly or should Struts be changed to perform
its bodyContent.getString()
in the doAfterBody() ?

Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards
Jannik Nørgaard Steen
Software Developer
Digital Zone International

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