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From "Hutchison, Jeff" <>
Subject Re: Turbine VS Struts?
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2000 12:05:10 GMT
On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Kevin Duffey wrote:

> Anyone have any insight (Craig most likely) as to where the Turbine project
> fits in with Struts? It appears Turbine is quite alot like Struts, but has
> alot more features. I am not trying to sway Struts users to Turbine, my
> interest is in knowing if Turbine does the same thing. It states its a
> single servlet, but I am wondering if it does the bean auto-population and
> reads in an xml config file? I can't seem to find it in the docs and I don't
> have alot of time to download and play with it right now. I just wonder if
> it does do things the same way Struts does with actions, mappings, auto-bean
> population, etc but also offers a host of other features (or is the Struts
> framework the heart of Turbine?), if its better to go that route or not?

Turbine is emacs, Struts is vi :-)

No but seriously...  Craig can speak to the design goals, but I can give
my perspective as someone who has used both.  You really have to answer
the question "is it better to go one route or not?" by taking some time
looking each over and considering your application.

For my applications, Struts is a good fit because it provides the core
functionality I need in a well designed way without introducing mandatory
dependancies on a lot of other stuff.

It has i18n built in from the start.

Writing my own application-specific custom tag libraries is cool.

Very portable. There isn't a bunch of services sitting in the JVM as
singletons, which sort of relies on servlet container implementation
details (a custom class loader) to keep multiple applications from
interfering with one another.

I want to use the build in authentication features of the Servlet 2.2

I'm anticipating good tool support for JSP content development.  Any day
now... ;-)

It's pretty easy to get up to speed on, especially for content developers
and junior developers I work with.

Either way, these are two great project under the Jakarta umbrella, and
both have lots of active developers pitching in.


Jeff Hutchison <>
Stryker Instruments, Kalamazoo, MI

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