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From "Megan Ray" <>
Subject Problem with deploying struts-documentation.war AND any way to search archives?
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 17:10:37 GMT
I'm a newbie to struts- and web development in general  - trying to deploy
it on Orion webserver

I followed the instructions for deploying Struts - when I try to start
Orion - I get the following error message:

"unable to find/read assembly info for
c:\orion\applications\struts-documentation <META-INF/application.xml>

Here is a summary of my Orion setup for the documentation.war:

struts-documentation.war is located in c:\orion\applications

the server.xml has the following line added:

	<application name="struts-doc"

the default-web-site.xml has the following line added:

	<web-app application="struts-doc" name="struts-documentation"
root="/struts-documentation" />

Am I setting this up incorrectly?

I assume the struts-documentation.war doesn't have the application.xml
(required by Orion?)    I thought about trying to deploy the struts example
without the war - but the build.bat file will not work (to create directory

Any hints are appreciated.   I would like to access both the documentation
and struts example.


P.S.   Is there any way to search the struts-user e-mail archives?   I'm
sure most of my questions have been asked before.

Thanks again!

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