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From Yasser Zamani <>
Subject RE: Would we need to achieve better place in trends ranking?
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2018 07:30:26 GMT

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>From: Dave Newton <>
>Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2018 11:24 PM
>To: Struts Developers List <>
>Subject: Re: Would we need to achieve better place in trends ranking?
>On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 2:44 PM Yasser Zamani <>
>> Instead we may focus to facilitate "show mobile version of user web
>> app". I don't know if S2 already have such facilities e.g. via Tiles
>> or SiteMesh plugin.
>Desktop vs. Mobile is now solidly in the realm of CSS, possibly with client-side JS
>framework. S2 doesn't really try to solve those kinds of problems.
>If anything we could provide a responsive-first theming mechanism, but the churn
>in that space makes it... problematic. A Bootstrap or Foundation theme (or both)
>would be interesting, but it's a fair amount of maintenance work, and people that
>are using those frameworks have things pretty well in place already (in my
>experience). Making it general-purpose enough would be tricky.

Thank you Dave. You were right that it's in the realm of CSS; and fortunately there is already
a bootstrap and cloud plugin for Struts [1].


>> I also currently have no vision on those front-end trends, am exploring.
>> To be frank, something similar to Struts JQuery Plugin was my first
>> theory, however, it may be absurd.
>Anything more complicated than jQuery will be API-driven and likely wouldn't
>need any support on the S2 side. I could see maybe exposing endpoints or
>whatever via a JS call, e.g., any of the several API documentation attempts, but...
>I don't know.

Yes I also think API Documentation could be added to plan (like websocket) because I already
remember a user demand for Struts-Swagger plugin [2].


>> Thank you. I need to explore into uSvcs to reveal if S2 need to/can be
>> used in such trends e.g. clouds.
>"Clouds" are just servers-not-on-site. It's too heavy for serverless (IMO, at least
>as it stands right now), and it can already be deployed on any reasonable

Fortunately I discovered there is already a cloud plugin for Struts [1].

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