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From Yasser Zamani <>
Subject Re: struts2-portlet-plugin dependency issue
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2018 16:47:12 GMT
I found Spring officially says:

"The Spring Framework no longer supports: Portlet, Velocity,
JasperReports, XMLBeans, JDO, Guava (replaced by the Caffeine support).
If those are critical to your project, you should stay on Spring
Framework 4.3.x (supported until 2020). Alternatively, you may create
custom adapter classes in your own project (possibly derived from Spring
Framework 4.x)." [1]

So we at Struts may also deprecate Portlet or we may create custom
adapter classes (possibly derived from Spring Framework 4.x) in junit or
portlet plugin.

Could you please register an issue including your test code and the
class not found exception's full stack trace at [2]?

Thanks for your report!


On 11/24/2018 1:40 PM, John Bush wrote:
> The missing package org.springframework.mock.web.portlet was in
> spring-test. If you use the appropriate spring-test 5 then
> struts2-junit-plugin will fail with class not found. If you test using
> spring-test 4 then struts2-junit-plugin will run but all the tests for
> anything using Spring 5 would be at risk or at least questionable. As
> Spring moves on 5+ the risk goes up and the unit testing confidence goes
> down. For now I'll have to stick with Spring 4 until I find a longer
> term solution.
> Thanks for the suggestion - John B
> On 11/23/2018 6:27 AM, Yasser Zamani wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> I think it's possible to keep spring updated to 5 and in same time, to
>> have needed old dependencies in scope `test` to save unit tests, e.g:
>>          <!-- Mocks for unit testing (by Spring) -->
>>          <dependency>
>>              <groupId>org.springframework</groupId>
>>              <artifactId>spring-test</artifactId>
>>              <scope>test</scope>
>>          </dependency>
>>          <dependency>
>>              <groupId>org.springframework</groupId>
>>              <artifactId>spring-webmvc-portlet</artifactId>
>>              <scope>test</scope>
>>          </dependency>
>> Regards.
>> On 11/22/2018 8:45 PM, John Bush wrote:
>>> I'm by no means a struts inner-workings expert so the following
>>> statements may totally be wrong. I'm not sure a portlet guru is needed
>>> since the problem isn't in struts2-portlet-plugin. It still provides the
>>> portlet request/response life-cycle emulation for the application
>>> appropriately with no reliance on Spring Portlet MVC. That said I am
>>> also not a mocking guru either. I'm not sure how involved it would be to
>>> recreate the mocked classes required that
>>> org.springframework.mock.web.portlet provided.
>>> What's the process to create a bug? I'd like the problem documented if
>>> it's supported, there might be others using it. If I have to solve it
>>> I'll do my best to do it in a way it can be contributed back.
>>> Just to make you aware there is a new portlet spec pretty much final -
>>> JSR 362: Portlet Specification 3.0. You might need a caveat added to
>>> struts2-portlet-plugin stating the specs supported.
>>> Thanks - John B
>>> On 11/15/2018 1:16 AM, Lukasz Lenart wrote:
>>>> śr., 14 lis 2018 o 08:48 John Bush<>  napisał(a):
>>>>> WW-3826 solved a problem running JUnit tests on portlet actions via
>>>>> struts2-portlet-plugin and struts2-junit-plugin. The solution used
>>>>> Spring's org.springframework.mock.web.portlet package in the
>>>>> spring-test
>>>>> framework. Spring Portlet MVC is no longer supported (SPR-14129)
>>>>> and the
>>>>> package has been removed starting with Spring 5. I'm not able to
>>>>> upgrade
>>>>> to Spring 5 without loosing my unit testing since having both versions
>>>>> of spring-test in my classpath creates many other issues. Any short
>>>>> term
>>>>> suggestion would be appreciated.
>>>>> Thanks John B
>>>> I think no one can help you, we really miss a portlet guru on this
>>>> list :( I was trying few time to upgrade tests and some portlet
>>>> dependencies and I failed :\
>>>> Kind regards
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