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From Rene Gielen <>
Subject Re: Svn to Git migration
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 20:54:17 GMT
I wonder what the downside is to just put svn subtrees in question into
read only mode compared to moving them to attic. As for placing a
prominent notice, such as MOVED-TO-GIT-README.txt, it would be useful to
our users in either case.

Having a look at wicket, they just left svn at a point in time, keeping
everything in place (presumably read-only):
While I would wish to find a prominent README here as described above, a
see a case for not breaking things that are not in our hand. In the
early days of Weld / CDI e.g., I desperately needed trunk level builds
that were not published yet. For that reason I did a
checkout-and-build-dependency step in the maven bootstrap phase of my
build. While this was clearly violating the reproducible build
principle, I could live with this trade-off since the features I needed
were additions unlikely to go away. To some extent reproducibility may
be seen as that if you would checkout some project published a few years
ago, it would build without some early failures before javac even kicks
in. I know this is a corner case, but it would suffer from repo contents
(from which a checkout would be done during my build) being moved away.

Regarding Apache policies, there are a few around that might help
finding a decision:
- Apache requires us to run on our own infrastructure for a single
reason: provide resources that will last for ages at the same place.
That is why we would not want to do canonical hosting of projects
externally, such as on GitHub - maybe it shuts down tomorrow? Unlikely,
yes. On the other hand, we have seen such things happen: URL
shortener was popular by it's time, but then money ran out. Each mailing
list posting containing URL you will look up in archive render
useless due to the URLs cannot be resolved any more. That's why Apache
even promotes their own URL shortener,
- Dead projects, that is projects with dead communities, go to the Attic
meta project, including move of svn resources. While this has more to do
with having a meta-PMC for keeping oversight even if the owning PMC is
dead, it indeed involves moving of svn resources - AFAIK the only
process where such move happens as a part of an Apache policy. So moving
something to something called "attic" makes me shout out "I'm not dead
yet!" spontaneously :)

So far, I would really tend to go into read-only mode with notices
placed in svn rather than to move things away. If there are good
arguments for the move I have missed so far, I would of course happily
switch my position on that topic.

Just my 0.02$
- René

Am 15.01.14 20:54, schrieb Lukasz Lenart:
> 2014/1/15 Paul Benedict <>:
>> The published POMs should all have a link to the SCM URL. We shouldn't move
>> to the attic so those links can stay valid.
> Ok, what is wrong if they become invalid? Maybe people start thinking
> about migration :-)
>> And what do you mean "cut the wire"? Is that an Apache directive to stop
>> people from going to svn?
> I don't know how it is in English - when child is born, connection
> with mother is cut :-) The same here, at some point we must strictly
> say - sorry guys!
> It was mentioned as a good practise from other projects which migrated to Git.
> Regards

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