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From Rene Gielen <>
Subject Re: New logo
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2013 14:54:46 GMT
Am 20.11.13 14:52, schrieb Christian Grobmeier:
> On 12 Nov 2013, at 16:51, Lukasz Lenart wrote:
>> 2013/11/12 Cameron Morris <>:
>>> I love the look of steampunk and rickety old bridges, but I think it
>>> sends
>>> the wrong message for a project fighting the perception of being old and
>>> legacy.  I'd say the more modern looking the better.  However, some
>>> of the
>>> more modern bridges look so space age it might be hard to tell that they
>>> are bridges if they are made into a small icon.  Perhaps some of these
>>> might spark an idea:
>> Hmm... you know everything new someday will be old anyway ;-) I'd
>> rather say let's focus on having cool logo and not the message it
>> sends ;-)
> +1 on the cool logo NOW instead of wasting more time.
> Its always funny with us devs. We have a crap logo for years.
> Somebody shows up and contributes a fantastic logo (compared to the
> other one).
> Suddenly all devs become designers and social media communicators.

You are right with our out-of-style old logo, and that things should
change here. But why exactly are we in such a hurry? Going too long with
an old logo does not mean that a new logo should replace the old one as
soon as it is just "better". IMHO we would want to replace it with
something that satisfies us for years. It should be cool and catchy now
and in five years. "Fantastic compared to the other one" is IMO not
enough. Do we want old-time users to be surprised to find better logo
now, or do we want anyone stumbling over our site or a Zeroturnaround
web frameworks survey to think "hey man, nice logo!"?

I'm not a social media designer, and for that reason I need to interact
with a designer. I need inspiration and suggestions to formulate in turn
which directions to go for the next iteration. Since I'm not a designer,
I'm for sure too lame with my own cool logo proposal.

Over all the years I was involved with design tasks, I've seen design
emerge after some iterations in a process similar to what I outlined
above. I have never ever experienced being given a first proposal that
makes it directly to production.

> Personally I am super-happy that we have such a great proposal.
> And if we don't have another option (one of us devs IS a designer AND
> does some work)
> we should definitely consider it.

I'm super happy with the work being done, and I like some of the ideas
incorporated in the first proposals. I like the fact that someone steps
up and is kind enough to donate work and creativity, and I am super
thankful for that - and, to be honest, it makes me bit shy to provide
too much criticism, especially since it is not my profession the actual
work is all about.

I went back and forth many times the last two weeks to think and
re-think if I like the logo, how it might be seen, and what well founded
criticism I could give. In my review I tried to both incorporate what I
as a non-professional know about design, as well as what I as a
"professional design recipient" (read: consumer) feel when I see the logo.

Some of my thoughts:

Most common to me seems a combination of a dedicated logo icon with a
clean writing for the brand, or just an elaborate writing without logo
icon. From time to time you see some font gimmickry to make a pure
writing recognizable. But I have failed so far to come up with a example
for a iconified design building a writing and a font design.

Have a look at those two sites (scroll to bottom on both)

There a good bunch of logos, both of companies and open source projects,
that look cool, clean and modern, yet timeless.

If you want to follow newest hipster logo trends,
might be a source for inspiration. Nevertheless, this seems to be not so
much on the timeless side...

That said and reviewed many times during last week, I'm more in favor
for the combination of an icon symbol combined with with a clean and
modern typographic font for the brand name Struts.

Stepping back a bit when viewing the proposed designs, what strikes me
most is that iconified graphic elements are used to construct a font.
How does this font look like? It does not seem to follow all of the well
established rules for font design. If you color it completely black from
the outline and reduce it to the font shape, it does not look like very
"clean" typography, even a bit clunky. But besides (or even more than?)
graphical details and tasteful colouring, the shape makes the first
impression to a viewer. I doubt that it is a good idea to bind the font
shape of a writing to iconified graphics as building blocks, as this
limits how elaborate the typographic shape itself will look like.
Designing a font is a science by itself, you can find tons of
information on the web. Just for some reading giving an impression:

As for me, this breaks down to: I have tried to like it, but - as
proposed so far - I don't. This is my honest personal view. And I also
think it is a great starting point to go into design iteration. It
teases me to think, it gives the inspiration someone like me needs to
imagine and maybe phrase what he thinks the final logo (or a next step)
should look like.

Earlier in this discussion, Dave came up with an interesting Google
search for an isolated logo icon to maybe be combined with a clean brand

Those two for example could be excellent templates for an iconified logo

Also a very reduced and iconified bridge could be interesting for a logo

I suck badly at crafting graphics, but if time permits I'll give it a
try to express my thoughts in some graphical draft. But basically my
overall thoughts go into a direction like the Typesafe or Hazelcast logos.

> As far as I understood it, this contribution is backed by Lukasz
> company. I am very grateful
> for the huge effort they already put into this.


> Instead of discussing completely new approaches and ideas which might
> lead to even more discussion,
> we all should answer these two question:
> 1) Can you live with the proposal logo?

just me: actually no, but it's a great start :)

> 2) If yes, do you prefer the dark or the bright version?
> My answer to 1) is YES!!!!
> My answer to 2) I LOVE BOTH
> Cheers
> Christian
>> Regards
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René Gielen

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