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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Start a new branch for Commons OGNL Integration
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 10:20:52 GMT
2013/3/26 Maurizio Cucchiara <>:
> Hi guys,
> we are trying to release the first version of Commons OGNL, and as you
> know, Struts is the first consumer of OGNL :).
> As an OGNL developer I think that it could be useful to know what is
> the impact of the integration.
> As a Struts developer I think that first or later we should update to
> the new version.
> So, if there are no objection, I would start a new branch where to
> include Struts integration with the Commons OGNL library.
> See for further details.

Do we need a branch at all?

It's a breaking change, so it must be introduced with the next major
version (2.5 or 3.0). Right now I simple replaced ognl3 with
commons-ognl and just after changing imports and some small changes to
struts-default.xm everything looks ok - almost ;-) The only problem is
with the OVal plugin as it bases internally on ognl3 - defining ognl3
as the OVal plugin dependency solves the problem as well.

I see the only value to have a branch - it will be a testing branch,
just to check if everything is ok, where users can check it out, build
and test with their applications - but I doubt if this will happened

Basically I don't like branches, they are good if some work must be
done in already released version (like hotfixes), in any other case
trunk is the best :-)

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