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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.3.9 ready for test
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 18:58:28 GMT
2013/2/4 Rene Gielen <>:
> How did the SvnPubSub generation finally work out, time-wise? We had a
> small chat where it seemed to be a really process for you to undergo...
> is this a one-timer, or do we have to expect this pain for each and
> every release?

The site is migrated to CMS and SvnPubSub (with was really painful :/)
but INFRA must finally switch to push it to struts.a.o - this was
already requested with [1].
I've updated Struts2 site configuration in the pom.xml to deploy
website into production tree [2] and thus can invoked with command

mvn clean site site:stage-deploy scm-publish:publish-scm

It can be invoked only when vote passed as thus will automatically
deploy a new version to struts.a.o which isn't a good idea before
result of the vote ;-) I'm also updating the Release Guideline
step-by-step and preparing some small scripts to help with the whole
process of uploading new website and docs from Confluence - hope this
will reduce the pain :P


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