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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Using fluido once available
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 09:34:20 GMT
On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 12:41 AM, Martin Cooper <> wrote:
>> We have an "official" Twitter account - @TheApacheStruts - which we use
>> to spread news about Struts and to interact with our community. Just
>> like @TheASF, @TheApacheTomcat or @ApacheJames.
>> On Facebook, there is as well a page voluntarily maintained by Struts
>> PMC members, called "Struts2 Users. Objective: spreading and dispatching
>> news, interacting with the community. Currently 1400+ "likes" aka
>> followers. See:
>> On G+, there is again an page voluntarily maintained by Struts PMC
>> members, called "Apache Struts". Objective: spreading and dispatching
>> news, interacting with the community. Currently more than 3700 people
>> are following. See:
>> See also on G+: "Apache Software Foundation", "Apache TomEE"
>> The idea is to link this pages to our site just like we did with the
>> twitter account in the branch (and other Apache projects do as well on
>> their front page).
>> So how is this "supporting commercial enterprises"? One could argue that
>> we are using (free) services of commercial companies, yes. We do that
>> all the time at Apache. I fail to see how this is promoting Twitter,
>> Google or Facebook as companies.
> If 100 other companies came along and asked us to put links to their sites
> on our site, would we do it? If not, why not? Would we be selective, or add
> anyone who asked? If the former, what are the criteria? Why isn't LinkedIn
> in the same group as the "special three" we've chosen to advertise?

Because we are free to chose our tools. If volunteers he want to
maintain FB, G+ and Twitter and link to the accounts there, it is
fine. It is a service to our users, because they can read news in the
tools of their choice. If the project choses LinkedIn as another tool,
we should link it as well.

Criteria is: does the PMC want to use the tool? Yes -> link. No -> no link.

Similar to maven: we use maven because we like it. If the Gradle team
would ask us to support Gradle, what would we say?

>> Ironically, the latter two are getting
>> prominent ASF support since they are platinum sponsors:
> Sponsorship does *not* buy favours. That's very explicit. And that is also
> why there is a specific, foundation-central, and non-project-specific
> "thank you" page.

I don't see what "Sponsorship" has something to do with our toolset.

>> Linking to Struts related resources on Twitter, G+ or Facebook is as
>> much of a support for commercial enterprises as linking to Struts
>> Sourceforge is or Struts GitHub would be - free community resources
>> offered and hosted free of charge by a commercial enterprise like
>> SourceForge and GitHub.
> Once we've checked with our legal people, and this usage has been approved
> by them, I'll be fine with it. Until then, I'm very conscious that the ASF
> is legally a charity, and is subject to losing that status if we don't
> abide by the rules. So I would rather ask the question and get the official
> answer than discover that we were responsible for the ASF losing its status
> over an assumption we made.

There was an e-mail from Simone Tripodi to the Board mailing list (11.01.2011).
Shane Cucuru responded and it was very clear to me that projects are
free to use the social media they want.

We just need to take care on the branding, be able to let other PMC
members access these tools and to make clear, if the channel does
speak on the projects behalf or not.

Maybe I don't get the issue right, but imho this whole discussion is
just about one question: can we link to our Twitter/Facebook/G+
channel or not. And given the fact we are allowed to use these tools,
why should we not be allowed to link to them?


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