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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Apache CMS / svnpubsub
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 19:31:05 GMT
On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Lukasz Lenart <> wrote:
>> Do we vote on the website if we release a new version?
> It's always connected with a vote for release.

Ok, I just found this too:

So we keep old versions of the site.

>> - request a test cms aka
>> - maintain the main site with the Apache CMS
>> - create extref (or so) for subsites
>> - create the site via mvn, copy the target to the new svn tree
>> Is this a process we can live with?
> Looks like you have the largest experience in that area, so I think we
> will just follow you :-)

Oh dear! I feel the pressure! :-)

Looking at our main site, I would say there is an option to use the
CMS for it. With your (Lukasz) CMS snippet it should be easy to update
it. But at the moment we were working on fluido and the use of maven.
I didn't consider the svnpubsub.

Here is the current main site:

I have heard that the ASF CMS can perform a maven build. That way we
would just check our sources into the svn folder above and CMS would
build it for us.

Decision 1: Use ASF CMS with nice markdown editing features or try to
continue with the maven build for the MAIN website? I am not sure if
the latter option will work - need infra for that

I think the thin with the different version docs of the Struts1/2
website can be solved with extpath. We have similar in logging. It
looks like that:

Here is where we checkin our subsites (generated locally by mvn):

The CMS cares on everything except what is in the extpath folders.
This is developers duty. In Struts land we would need to add an new
extpath to the CMS, create a name matching folder and commit manually
the release website to there.

This is how the logging team does websites:

Decision 2: Do we want to use the manual process or do we want to
migrate verything to the ASF CMS?

In my opinion, I would try to let Maven build the main site and
manually care on the version-websites with extpath. It should be the
easiest way to use the new requirements with Struts.

Please, others, read and speak up. I really don't want to push this
and finally have complaints. If I get a few +1s here i will summarize
this for infra and ask if our plans are possible.


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