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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Apache CMS / svnpubsub
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 07:39:20 GMT
2012/12/10 Christian Grobmeier <>:
> Looking at our main site, I would say there is an option to use the
> CMS for it. With your (Lukasz) CMS snippet it should be easy to update
> it. But at the moment we were working on fluido and the use of maven.
> I didn't consider the svnpubsub.
> Here is the current main site:
> I have heard that the ASF CMS can perform a maven build. That way we
> would just check our sources into the svn folder above and CMS would
> build it for us.
> Decision 1: Use ASF CMS with nice markdown editing features or try to
> continue with the maven build for the MAIN website? I am not sure if
> the latter option will work - need infra for that

We should follow the least intrusive path - use Maven if we can, using
MD is painful as we must migrate the whole content

> I think the thin with the different version docs of the Struts1/2
> website can be solved with extpath. We have similar in logging. It
> looks like that:
> Here is where we checkin our subsites (generated locally by mvn):
> The CMS cares on everything except what is in the extpath folders.
> This is developers duty. In Struts land we would need to add an new
> extpath to the CMS, create a name matching folder and commit manually
> the release website to there.


> Decision 2: Do we want to use the manual process or do we want to
> migrate verything to the ASF CMS?
> In my opinion, I would try to let Maven build the main site and
> manually care on the version-websites with extpath. It should be the
> easiest way to use the new requirements with Struts.


I would rather wait for -1, if absent, go ahead :-)

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