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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Git (Was: Plan for Struts 3)
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 15:05:01 GMT
2012/12/6 Christian Grobmeier <>:
> There are some minor things I found:
> - the develop branch needs to be used in CI. Not a big deal, but somehow we
> need to tell it the CI

Yes, you can - there is option branches to build

> - what about feature branches? Should they all go remote? When are they
> merged into develop?

No, you can push it remote but if it's a small change it can stay
local. You merge them when you finished ;-)

> Example: I make a feature A, on lokal. When done I merge it into develop
> and push it to remote, where everybody can access it.
> Now lets say I develop the internal guice upgrade. Its something many
> people want to do. Git lets me push my feature branch to remote, like:
> *
> - use of git rebase. this is a feature which I really don't like or don't
> understand. For me history is sacred. When I do a feature A, i might have 5
> commits. Now when I am pushing this, there are some people who say: nobody
> is interested in the commit-mess. They say, I should do a rebase, and my 5
> commits become one visible.

You perform those five commits to your feature branch, when you have
done, switch to develop and merge

 git merge --no-ff myfeature

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