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From Rene Gielen <>
Subject Re: Apache CMS / svnpubsub
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2012 15:08:58 GMT

Am 16.12.12 14:21, schrieb Christian Grobmeier:
> On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Rene Gielen <> wrote:
> [...]
>> If I understand this right, we have two options to deal with our "main
>> site", which is basically everything on s.a.o excluding the confluence
>> exports:
>> - move to CMS
>> - maintain via svnpubsub
>> The latter one, if I get this right, is basically the same as we had
>> before with a changed transport - so instead of pushing the actual built
>> HTML with ssh, we'd rather generate them into a svn-checkout and commit
>> them.
> Thats also my understanding.
>> A CMS, on the other hand, is a ... CMS :) Sounds like live editing and
>> such stuff. Do you have experience with the workflow improvements to
>> expect, over using snvpubsub?
> The CMS is a bit ugly (forgive me cms devs, if you read that) but
> works very well. As website maintainer, you would create a "working
> space", do your changes and publish it. As it works on the back of svn
> its like a svn creating a branch, changing and committing your text
> and finally merging into trunk. It makes maintaining the website
> pretty easy.

I just found the video tutorial, which gives a really good impression on
how to enjoy the easy workflow bits

> For example, you could look at the main Apache site.
> Its written with Markdown. It easy to edit with the Chrome extension
> (don't know currently where to download).

Markdown is a really nice option. Even though the site-plugin setup we
use keeps away some boilerplate stuff, it's still HTML hacking we do in
the source code files. MD is more concise and gives you room for
consistent editing and styling as a separated concern, much like our
confluence wiki.

BUT - as I see it now, we would have to convert our whole site to MD
right from the start if we wanted to use the CMS workflow now. Besides
that others may have different opinions on MD driven websites, I don't
see that we will be able to accomplish such a migration in time.

> Ivan from the log4php team has made some Twig based templates for
> Logging. Its now used on the mainsite
> The content is maintained via the CMS. So you see, its possible to
> make some kind of good design with it.
> Here is another good link:
> for running the website locally (if you want some more geek stuff its
> not necesary)#

What I really don't like about the local setup is that it requires Perl
- we require Java and Maven so far, and I'd prefer that this stays to be
the case. But given that you don't have to build the full site locally
any more, one could argue that this downside is bearable.

> That said, its kind of work to move it out from mvn to the CMS.
> My suggestion: move what we have now with the build we use now. Then
> we can decide if walk the next step and use the CMS for our content.

+1 here - sounds like it would be the easiest possible migration to the
maintained infrastructure for now, and we could keep the invested work
in the Fluido based new site layout for launching a modernized Struts
project site any time soon. Afterwards we might find the time and
passion to move to a CMS based setu.

- René

René Gielen

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