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From Fastupload <>
Subject processing of multipart request
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 12:39:09 GMT
To who maybe concern,

I just notice struts2 framework parses multipart/form-data requesting into a temporary file,
and marshal a object for struts2 action regarding file input of multipart-form
data request. also the framework
 parses all files in request and then make a filter rule in And
finally, framework clean temporary files after action is invoked.

Following the processing, there are three disadvantages:
1, use temporary file makes low performance
2, redundancy operation --  clean up temporary file 
3, struts action only supports class to represent a uploading file in multipart/form-data
4, filter all file after parsing has been done, the action may be prior to interceptors.

Could you guys have a look into *fastupload* open source project in
Right now it is the fastest form-based upload parsing component in java area. it makes a significant
performance improvement and advance features, such as,
1, 2.x faster than Apache Commons FileUpload in stream method. certainly, it's 5.x faster
than apache commons file upload in disk method.
2, filter boundaries with determining MIME and file name in advance. 

In fastupload-0.4.7 version, it has released some codes that work with struts2 framework,
enable parsing files with it in struts2 framework.  To improve features of struts2 multipart/form-data
request, Could you consider to integrate *fastupload* source code into struts2 framework.
 incurring struts2 supports both *fastupload* and ASF commons file upload?

best wishes,
Link Qian

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