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From Gabriel Belingueres <>
Subject Re: Redirect-action alternative in Struts2 without browser redirect
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 02:02:59 GMT

I think the mistake here is to think in terms of a new "result type"
instead of thinking how bad a design it is.
That is, you want to execute functionality from 2 actions in 1
request, and I guess that you have the functionality scattered on two
*different* Action classes.
I would try to refactor the functionality in one Action class (or an
Action superclass and one subclass) in such a way that the first
execute() method call the second directly without forcing the
framework to "chain" those two actions (which is a bad idea IMHO).


2012/9/26 Fredrik Lindberg <>:
> Hi!
> I am looking for if there is any alternative to the redirect-action
> result type where it does not generate a browser redirect? The issue
> with the browser redirect is that it results in a longer response
> times for the users and also means the server is put under higher load
> when it has to handle two requests in rapid succession (noticeable
> under high load). Also why not send what the client wants right away?
> I have read about request chaining and using the ChainingInterceptor,
> but this is fundamentally wrong in the sense that all request
> parameters that the first action was fed also are passed on to the
> next action. What I want is having control over what properties are
> passed on to the next action in the same way as for the redirects, but
> without the overhead. Can anyone help? =)
> / Fredrik Lindberg (2012-09-26).
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