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From Fredrik Lindberg <>
Subject Redirect-action alternative in Struts2 without browser redirect
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:30:58 GMT

I am looking for if there is any alternative to the redirect-action
result type where it does not generate a browser redirect? The issue
with the browser redirect is that it results in a longer response
times for the users and also means the server is put under higher load
when it has to handle two requests in rapid succession (noticeable
under high load). Also why not send what the client wants right away?

I have read about request chaining and using the ChainingInterceptor,
but this is fundamentally wrong in the sense that all request
parameters that the first action was fed also are passed on to the
next action. What I want is having control over what properties are
passed on to the next action in the same way as for the redirects, but
without the overhead. Can anyone help? =)

/ Fredrik Lindberg (2012-09-26).

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