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From Łukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: [struts-dev] Re: Abstract layer to access file system
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 06:00:22 GMT
2012/6/5 Jason Pyeron <>:
> 1: use the classloader as much as possible as it always works.

The problem here is that a path to a class isn't the same as a path to a jar

> 2: the plugin searching will fail if the bootstrap process does not know how to
> "scan" the "filesystem"

Yep, solved that by init-param

> 3: use a "property" to pre load handler classes for a given environment.

What do you mean by that ? I've used ini-param option in web.xml

> 4: let every handler be a plugin as to remove the compile & runtime time
> dependencies.

I would like to add the same option, but the only problem I have now
is how to allow users to override FileManagers defined by S2. I've
introduced option to autodiscover if given FM supports [1] current fs
but this blocks option to override FMs by users. Need to find a better

method support()

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