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From Robert <>
Subject Demoting older Struts releases
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2012 16:27:41 GMT

I was under the impression that any release past or present could be 
demoted if deficiency were found.

Perhaps this has been done but may not be clear to a casual user. The page
does only list two releases. However, below that is the wording:

'As a courtesy, we retain archival copies of the website for each 
"General Availability" release. Product support for older releases may 
be limited.'

As a casual user I might believe an older release is more "stable" and 
still considered a GA release, when in fact there are deficiencies that 
should rule it out of consideration.

It would see that possibly the sentence:

Product support for older releases may be limited.

Could be revised but several attempts to revise this to point out that 
older release may have vulnerabilities or bugs either sounded too severe 
or too mild.


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