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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Struts 2.3.1 Vote
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2011 03:04:39 GMT
2011/12/12 Łukasz Lenart <>:
> 2011/12/9 Martin Cooper <>:
>> We used to post the test build, announce it, wait for a week to give
>> people some time to try it out, and then call the vote, since the vote
>> is time-limited. Did we stop doing that at some point, and only give
>> people 3 days (i.e. the duration of the vote) to test now?
> As a follow up, I've added one more point to the Release guide [1], is
> it enough ?

That looks fine, as long as everyone is in agreement.

The question in my earlier message was just that - a question. The
answer, after digging around in the archives, appears to be yes, we
did stop doing that, quite some time ago, and somehow I never noticed
until now. As far as I can tell, we didn't make a conscious decision
to change; it just happened one time when somebody took on the release
task. Nobody noticed, and we've kept doing it that way ever since.

As for which way we do it going forward, it really depends on how
quickly people - PMC members especially, but not only PMC members -
feel they can test a new build. It is *very* important that people
vote, and test prior to it, based on the actual bits posted by the RM;
not their own build, or a recent snapshot they may have downloaded. If
enough people believe they can pick up a new build immediately,
incorporate it into their own environment, test it thoroughly, and
then vote, all within 72 hours, then there shouldn't be a problem with
continuing the way we have been. If that seems a bit tight, then we
should leave some time for testing before calling the vote.

Martin Cooper

> [1]
> Kind regards
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