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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Commiters info: coding conventions
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2011 12:47:41 GMT
yes, I am bit late on this e-mail.
Every project has different opinions on Code Conventions and
tabs/spaces. I would like to recommend to push this information to the
struts website somewhere. I could not easily find it online, but I
think it would help new developers to find their way.

Maybe there?
Or there?

or even a new page like:

best regards,

On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 1:23 PM, Rene Gielen <> wrote:
> By incident I realized that some commits lately introduced tab
> characters for indentation. Generally there is nothing wrong with this,
> except that there is a historic agreement that we want to favor space
> character over tabs for the Struts codebase - which is a hard to find
> information for new committers, I have to admit.
> As for code style in general we follow the official Java Code
> Conventions [1], which leaves open whether to use tab or space
> characters. The main reasons why both the original Struts project as
> well as the WebWork project - which was merged into the Struts project
> as the base for Struts 2 - agreed on a "no tab character" convention are
> - commit messages are generally more readable with spaces
> - while the Java Coding Conventions [1] allow for both types of
> indentation, they request an indent unit of 4 spaces as well as a tab
> width of 8 spaces. To follow both rules, one would have to mix tabs and
> spaces for each odd number of indents if the tab character were to be used.
> The good thing is that nowadays with IDEs like Eclipse, Netbeans or IDEA
> it's just a tick in a preference box to change that style for your
> commits. As for IDEA eg. you can create profiles if your daily coding
> convention differs from the project's.
> As a side note, Jetbrains and other commercial tool providers kindly
> support open source with free licenses. With your Apache email address
> it is very simple to apply for those licenses - so if you ever wanted to
> try one of those products, this is a good chance.
> [1]
> - René
> --
> René Gielen
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