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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: XWork maven-shade-plugin configuation
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2011 19:31:34 GMT
(Sorry, this was in my drafts from a couple of days ago.)

2011/2/1 Jordi Fernández Wrote:
> How can we cooridinate efforts effectively?

Maybe via JIRA tickets, with some over-arching tickets that we can add
dependencies to as we refine the tasks? Is that too complicated?

My hit lists:

* S2.0 wiki docs

Removing 2.0 info from the *current* wiki for future distros. Previous
static exports cover that need.

* XWork core cleanup

Removing stuff duped by commons. Look to see if injection stuff should
be reworked.

* S2

Loop over plugins and docs to see if they still work, what isn't there
we should have, what's useless, etc. Stop distro of codebehind, dojo
plugins and move to historical holding area or move elsewhere.

* EL? Templates?

Room for speed improvements: stick with OGNL or switch default?
Anything we can do to re-org templates and make theming/templating
more fluid?


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