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From Angelo zerr <>
Subject Struts2 IDE, eclipse plugins to manage struts2 xml file, are you interested?
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 10:24:01 GMT
Hi Struts2 Team,

I introduce to me. I'm Angelo ZERR and I'm developping a generic XML search
engine Eclipse plugins that I would like contribute to WTP Eclipse (please
read bug
This plugins give you the capability to :

* search XML nodes with XPath from your workspace files.
* develop your plugins to manage compeltion, validation, hyperlink for
custom XML files.

I have started to create plugins for Jetty and I have started to develop
Struts2 IDE based on XML Search engine to manage struts2.xml (I have
developped Struts2 IDE in 2 hours).

On other words you benefit :

* Java completion, validation, hyperlink for @class attribute in your
* XML completion, validation, hyperlink (ex : having completion for
interceptor, interceptor-stack for interceptor-ref)

You can see screenshot in (ODT) documentation that I have attached. If you
can not read ODT, I have commited a RTF version at I have
stared Struts2 IDE to validate my XML Search engine, but I have another
thing to manage (like Java method).
If you are interested with Struts2 IDE, tell me and I will continue to
improve it.

Regards Angelo

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