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From Robert <>
Subject Re: [maven/intellij] Still fighting Maven and/or IntelliJ
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 03:34:18 GMT


If you haven't gotten this to work ...
I am assuming you are using IJ 8,9 or X.
It sounds like the problem is only in IntelliJ and not when you build 
from the command line, correct ?

The Struts IntelliJ project that I see in SVN is struts2\src\main\idea,  
is still being updated, and is this what you are using ?

Have you tried the obvious items such as:
1) Making sure the target/out directory are excluded the project, so the 
jar resolution will not go here first.
2) make sure there that the struts2 module does not have a dependency on 
the xwork-core module.
3) How was XWork installed into your maven repository ?
      Did you build it with IntelliJ then install it or are you using 
the external/apache repo ?
      If you installed it locally from a build were the meta files maven 
creates for local repositories properly created ?
3) Have you tried telling IntelliJ to reindex your local maven repository ?
       This sometimes forces IJ to see those jars.

On 8/21/2010 3:59 PM, Dave Newton wrote:
> Current trunk.
> Normal IntelliJ Maven project setup, but it refuses to deal with the XWork
> package renaming, and I have no idea (harhar) why not. The correct classes
> are in the XWork jar in the repo
> (like org.apache.commons.lang.xwork.StringUtils), but IntelliJ doesn't see
> it and continues to try to grab IDEA's compilation results.
> I've tried the typical random stuff, like (cmdline) rebuilding, (IntelliJ)
> force reimporting, (IntelliJ) reloading folders, whatever other stuff I
> could find that seemed even reasonably close.
> If I have a project with *just* s2-core, everything works, I assume because
> the XWork stuff isn't in the current project, but I had kind of wanted to
> have everything "local".
> Anybody dealt/fixed with this before?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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