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From Unmesh joshi <>
Subject Uri templates and SEO friendly Urls
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 03:16:09 GMT

Some time back I posted details about the plugin I developed for our project, which allows
you to specify uri template e.g. /{foo}/{bar} 
@UriTemplateMatchingRule(template="/{foo}/{bar}" method="execute") {public class MyAction{
  public String execute() {     //dowork    }
  public void setFoo(String foo) { = foo;  }    public void setBar(String bar)
{ = bar;  }}
It also supports completely custom matching rules
@CustomUriMatchingRule(class="<fully qualified matcher class name>" method="execute")

Mather class looks like this
class MyCustomUrlMatcher implements UriMatcher {      public boolean matches(HttpServletRequest
request) {              //your custom matching logic   }
   public Map<String, String> getParameters(HttpServletRequest request) {       //Your
custom parameter extractor   }

Custom matcher instances are created by struts ObjectFactory, so if you are using spring any
of the spring beans can be injected in custom matchers making it extremely useful.
I think this can be an extremely useful plugin to struts community. For people who are using
struts, can do similar things which frameworks like Jersey support (UriTemplate)This plugin
can be used along with REST plugin and gives a lot of power to users in terms of different
type of urls they can support.This is also very useful if you want to have SEO friendly Urls.
I want to know if struts is going to support anything like this in future releases? e.g. @Action
annotation supporting uri templates?

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