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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject current xwork?
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 16:10:58 GMT
I finally figured out how to work around what seemed like an OGNL bug, 
and in trying to track it down to submit a patch/JIRA issue, found that 
it's already been fixed by Musachy and checked in last November 6th in 
the opensymphony xwork svn, (revision 2075).  In fact, the method 
causing me grief has never even been in the apache svn version of xwork.
The issue was fixed during cleanup Musachy did as related to this issue:

But we still have no release including that fix.  I recognize that I've 
not helped resolve any outstanding JIRA issues that would help us get 
2.2 out the door (and that I've even contributed to the delays as the 
author one of the 5 remaining unresolved issues that is mostly awaiting 
unit test code I should have submitted with the issue in the first place 

) so please don't see this message as just another "When's the next 
release coming?" whine.

I'm posting this more to ask for people's opinion of the state of the 
trunk, with the xwork package migration already done.  Are there any 
real regressions?  That short list of outstanding issues doesn't appear 
to include any that would effect me, so is there any real reason for me 
to avoid just doing a local build and developing against that?  Given 
that I've a workaround in place for this specific bug in the released's xwork 2.1.6, is there really any reason to develop against the 
trunk rather than that release?  Has anyone started working on "2.1 -> 
2.2" upgrade instructions yet?


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