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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Merging Struts JIRA projects into main JIRA
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:44:46 GMT

The project level admin rights is sufficient for me to do a release,
but could you change my user name to match my Apache ID, from
>>lukasz03<< to >>lukaszlenart<<?

Thanks in advance
Kapituła Javarsovia 2010

2010/1/27 Jeff Turner <>:
> Hi,
> This coming weekend I'd like to migrate the Struts JIRA (
contents into the main Apache
> JIRA ( This will include setting httpd 301 redirects
to preserve old URLs (including
> saved searches and RSS feeds), so hopefully the disturbance will be minimal.
> Some background: originally Struts used Bugzilla. In 2006 Webwork became the new Struts
2, and we needed to import
> Webwork's JIRA contents. At the time JIRA did not support project-level imports, so we
had little choice but to create a
> separate JIRA instance for Struts [1].  The same thing was done for other projects (cayenne,
roller, activemq, click).
> Of course having five JIRAs instead of one is not good for users (who expect just one
login and location) or administrators
> (upgrading is extra-painful, and running multiple VMs wastes precious memory), so when
JIRA gained a Project Import
> facility we started merging the JIRAs.  Currently just struts and activemq JIRAs remain,
and now I'd like to get them
> done too [2,3].
> The Struts JIRA has 8825 user accounts. Of these, the 3600 accounts that have been used
in any way (creating issues,
> comments, saved searches / RSS filters, etc) will be copied over. There are 273 accounts
that have an equivalent account
> (by email address) in the main JIRA. and to avoid duplication, the main JIRA username
will be used.  I'll send out
> emails notifying affected users.
> About groups, there are 50 'jira-administrators' members in the Struts JIRA, with permission
to do just about anything.
> Some of these (husted, bayard, schof, craigmcc, niallp, martinc, greddin) are also in
the main JIRA jira-administrators.
> For the rest [4], I propose putting them in a 'struts-administrators' group granted Project
Administrator permission, which
> can do project-level things (notably create versions/components) but doesn't have full
access.  Please let me know if
> you're in that group and require full access for some reason.
> Also, I noticed that although XWork source has been imported, the JIRA issues are still
> If there's no objections I'll have a go at importing the XWork issues too.  This would
include putting in http redirects
> for*.
> I propose doing all this on Sunday midnight UTC (7pm EST, 4pm PST):
The move will take
> a few hours, during which the Struts JIRA will be read-only (with a banner set saying
so).  Also, the main JIRA will be
> read-only for approximately an hour, as the JIRA Project Importer locks everyone out.
> Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
> --Jeff
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4] Proposed ex-admins:
> Joe Germuska ('germuska')
> Lars Torunski ('lars t')
> Wendy Smoak ('wsmoak')
> Andres March ('dres1011')
> Drew Davidson ('')
> Rainer Hermanns ('rainerh')
> Dick Zetterberg ('dick')
> Mathias Bogaert ('mbogaert')
> Antonio Petrelli ('')
> Matt Ho ('savaki')
> matt baldree ('matt')
> Jason Carreira ('jcarreira')
> Joe Walnes ('jwalnes1')
> Michael Jouravlev ('')
> Don Brown ('mrdon')
> Antonio Petrelli ('brenmcguire')
> Hani Suleiman ('hani')
> Shay Banon ('kimchy')
> Fran?ois Beauregard ('fbeauregard')
> David Graham ('')
> SnowWolf Wagner ('wabunoh')
> James House ('jhouse')
> Patrick Lightbody ('plightbo')
> Matthew Hawthorne ('matthew')
> Rene Gielen ('rgielen')
> Scott Farquhar ('')
> David DeWolf ('ddewolf')
> Lukasz Lenart ('lukasz03')
> Erik Beeson ('ebeeson')
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