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From Wes Wannemacher <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Struts 2 Maven Archetypes v2.1.8.1
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 22:24:03 GMT
On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 5:11 PM, Lukasz Lenart
<> wrote:
> 2009/12/22 Wendy Smoak <>:
>> You need a minimum of three PMC member votes in order for it to be
>> released from Apache.
> Yes I know that, but what if we never accomplish that, should I wait
> forever or cancel vote?
>> I took a quick look and it seems that the staging repo contains more
>> than just the archetypes.  Can you clarify exactly what we're voting
>> on?
> What you mean by "more than just the archetypes" ? I just prepared
> such archetypes
> (
> [DIR] struts2-archetype-blank/
> 16-Dec-2009 16:40    -   Automated test builds
> [DIR] struts2-archetype-convention/
> 16-Dec-2009 17:11    -   Automated test builds
> [DIR] struts2-archetype-dbportlet/
> 16-Dec-2009 17:21    -   Automated test builds
> [DIR] struts2-archetype-plugin/
> 16-Dec-2009 17:28    -   Automated test builds
> [DIR] struts2-archetype-portlet/
> 16-Dec-2009 18:21    -   Automated test builds
> [DIR] struts2-archetype-starter/
> 16-Dec-2009 18:33    -   Automated test builds

It looks like the other stuff in staging is the stuff I pushed out
when we released So the question is, should I remove stuff
from the staging repo once the vote finishes? Looking at previous
releases (2.1.6) staging is never cleaned out.

>> I spot checked one of the archetype directories, and there are no .asc
>> signatures:
> No idea with that, I followed the release guide. Maybe that was a
> problem related to wrong parent of poms o_O

I had the same problem once before. The gpg plugin is a bit of a
mystery to me. But, I think Musachy figured out at one point that the
section in the release guide that describes the information in the
settings.xml is important, and that combined with stuff in the
"release" profile makes the stuff get signed. The other thing I
remember is that I don't think the release plugin was making the
"release" profile active (as it is supposed to). So, I think that when
you do either the release:prepare or release:perform, you have to do
-Prelease as well. Sorry this isn't clear, but I don't feel like I
ever really solved this either. I know when I did, I specified
-Prelease any time I ran maven :)

>> The signature files should have been created during the release
>> process, and they are required.  If you still have the files locally
>> on a secure machine, you can sign those and then upload the
>> signatures, but it's somewhat tedious to do by hand.
> I noticed only few of them on my pen repo, is this configured somewhere in pom?
> ./struts2-archetype-plugin/target/struts2-archetype-plugin-
> ./struts2-archetype-plugin/target/struts2-archetype-plugin-
> ./struts2-archetype-plugin/target/checkout/target/struts2-archetype-plugin-
> ./struts2-archetype-plugin/target/checkout/target/struts2-archetype-plugin-
> ./struts2-archetype-plugin/target/checkout/target/struts2-archetype-plugin-
> ./struts2-archetype-starter/target/struts2-archetype-starter-
> ./struts2-archetype-starter/target/struts2-archetype-starter-
> ./struts2-archetype-starter/target/checkout/target/struts2-archetype-starter-
> ./struts2-archetype-starter/target/checkout/target/struts2-archetype-starter-
> ./struts2-archetype-starter/target/checkout/target/struts2-archetype-starter-

The thing to do with these is to copy all of them to another machine
and make sure those detached sigs validate the artifacts in staging.
IIRC, you also have to make sure that your key is in some KEYS file
somewhere. If they work, then just transfer them to staging.

>> Also, we probably need to come up with some sort of "distribution" for
>> these that can go in and on the mirrors.
>> This was discussed at length elsewhere, I'll have to find it in the
>> archives, but the upshot is that releasing only to the Maven repo is
>> frowned upon.
> Ok, so the bottom line is that we should release Struts2 with
> archetypes all together?

If we're going to do that, I would suggest that we move the struts2
artifacts into the struts2 section of the repo so that they get built
/ released together. They can (should) become part of the modules
section of the struts2 parent pom.


Wes Wannemacher

Head Engineer, WanTii, Inc.
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