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From Wes Wannemacher <>
Subject Re: struts 2.2 and guice
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 21:47:40 GMT

I started another thread to talk about the API issue, but for this I
want to give you my take. The "Managed Beans" JSR I started reading
the other day does offer a few useful features that we don't have. One
is the "conversation" scope, which I think Struts 2 could really
benefit from. That's usually the first thing I have to hear from
WebWork / Struts 2 users - "Everything is tied to either the request
or the session, I can't build wizard-style views"

Another benefit is that our current DI is limiting... In every case
that I've used the Container directly, it was because I wanted to pick
one instance out of a few possible implementation candidates. It's
sort of silly that you have to grab the Container to say - "give me
the implementation of interface X called 'foo'"


On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Don Brown <> wrote:
> Late to the party, but I'm not clear why you would want to use Guice 2
> instead of our own.  Is there some feature we need that Guice 2 has?
> If not, we are basically sucking in a pretty significantly sized
> library for no apparent reason.  I tried to use Struts 2 on a project
> here, and was a bit shocked at the size of the jar nowadays...seems we
> went a bit crazy with the shading.  I'd generally advise against
> adding more bulk without obvious gains.
> Don

Wes Wannemacher

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