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From Gabriel Belingueres <>
Subject Re: Conversations (continued from "struts 2.2 and guice")
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 19:50:43 GMT
Seems like you are implementing continuations to me.
But the point I'm trying to make is that if it is already built-in the
web framework, you don't need to do it yourself, and there are
actually production ready frameworks with this kind of functionality.


2009/12/11 Alex Siman <>:
> I have created such wizard:
> - simple LRU cache based on HashMap with fixed capacity, say for 5 elems;
> - each cache elem collects wizard data;
> - this cache stored in user session;
> - each request in wizard flow pass the ID - the key of element (wizard data)
> in cache;
> - when wizard get finished - the elem get removed from cache by ID;
> What do you think about this approach?
> Gabriel Belingueres-2 wrote:
>> I think this case is correctly handled in SWF: Each time a request
>> fires a state transition, SWF saves a "continuation" of the current
>> data (think the Memento pattern) Serialized for later use.
>> When the user right-click the "next" link opening a new window, the
>> state transition put the flow in a new state and as such a new
>> continuation is saved (keeping the last one too.)
>> From now on, the 2 windows execute on different data sets and no
>> interference is possible.
>> SWF only delete all continuations when the flow reaches an end state:
>> if a new request is received on that deleted flow an exception is
>> raised (then protecting from multiple submits, back buttons or as in
>> this case, submits from different windows.)
>> This works because it saves multiple (potentially costly?) copies of
>> the data. As you say, I think JBoss Seam which does support
>> conversations but has no support for continuations can not detect this
>> case.
>> Gabriel
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>> That seems like a very imperfect fix for an almost impossible problem.
>> Having an extra parameter on the link won't stop a user from right
>> clicking
>> on the link and saying "open in another window" and having 2
>> "conversations"
>> with the same conversation key.  To my knowledge there's just no way to
>> accomplish it cleanly and completely, so you might as well embrace the way
>> the web works and go with it rather than trying to swim upstream.  But
>> that's just one man's opinion.
>>  (*Chris*)
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