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From Gabriel Belingueres <>
Subject Re: struts 2.2 and guice
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 19:27:32 GMT
Granted, most people implement wizards this way, but the most
compelling use of storing state in conversation scope (IMO) is to
allow correct behavior when a user clones a browser window, and then
allow better support for the back button. Even with conversation
support the pages still need to pass along at least one request
parameter: the conversation id, so in general terms you end up writing
the same thing only that instead of passing actual data as request
parameters you pass only a key to some other abstraction.

Some conversation implementations are not compelling at all. See the
struts2scopeplugin for example, it stores only one conversation per
user session which is of course useless for multi-window apps.

I've been researching the conversation features in JBoss Seam and
Spring Web Flow, which I think are the 2 more important frameworks
supporting it. The most sophisticated one is SFW which pretty much
abstract the whole page and actions interactions (the flow) into one
file, that is an XML file describing a FSM of the states the app is in
a given time. For that thing to work, the request parameter that the
app pass along in the pages is a composite between the conversation id
and the "continuation id" (a fancy name for naming the current state
in the flow FSM the app is in.)

Also the conversation scope is the basis for other features like
supporting the handy session-per-conversation pattern in ORMs.

What I finally mean is that I seriously consider conversation scope
support something important (at least for the kind of apps I work in.)


2009/12/10 Andreas Joseph Krogh <>:
> On Thursday 10. December 2009 15.31.15 Alex Siman wrote:
>> Wes Wannemacher wrote:
>> >
>> > "Everything is tied to either the request
>> > or the session, I can't build wizard-style views"
>> >
>> Yeah, we need wizards sometimes.
> I would argue that it would be nice to have, but not a must. Most implementations I've
seen of "conversation"-scope are rather messy and don't provide anything beyond what you can
achieve with ScopedModelDriver(scope=session) and some custom-code. I've built several, robust,
wizard-like UIs using Struts2 without any problems.
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