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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Version number ordering
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 20:43:55 GMT
2009/12/17 Wes Wannemacher <>:
> When I was checking this, it reminded me of something I have been
> meaning to ask. If you look at the tag name that Lukasz used -
> "struts2-archetype-starter-" But, somewhere in our docs, we use
> a tag name like this - "STRUTS2_ARCHETYPE_STARTER_2_1_8_1" which you
> can see here -
> The tag name that Lukasz used is what the release plugin defaults
> to... Is there a reason we don't use it? I'm all about sticking to
> defaults (since it tends to make the documentation easier), so I am
> wondering if there is a reason, other than "that's the way we always
> did it"

Yes, quite stupid ;-(

I tried to use name like that STRUTS_ARCHETYPE_STARTER_2.1.8.1 and it
didn't work - I just missed that underscores between numbers in the
example - so I looked here [1] and noticed that there are already tags
with suggested names, so I went forward. I thought the instruction is
specific for project and not for archetypes - I think I was too
stressful ;-)

Next time I will do it better!



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