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From phillips1021 <>
Subject New Struts 2 Documentation Wiki - Next Step Improving Tutorials
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2009 01:29:08 GMT

Musachy (and anyone else interested):

I've added several pages to the new Struts 2 documentation wiki:  I've copied
over many of the pages from the current wiki: and tried to update them.

But now I'm not sure where to go next on this project and could use some

The next area I'd like to work on for the new documentation is to improve
the Tutorials section of the documentation.  I think the Ready, Set, Go
tutorial could use some work.  I'd like to improve the Ready, Set, Go
tutorials by writing up instructions for how to create a Struts 2 web
application using Maven and how to create a Struts 2 web application by
manually managing the artifacts Struts 2 requires and using Ant for
building/deploying the web application.

Instead of just referring the user to the Maven Struts 2 blank archetype
(which isn't available for last time I checked) I'd like to create a
tutorial for how to setup a Struts 2 web application that uses Maven to
manage artifact dependencies (what to put in the pom.xml, where to put
struts.xml, how to include/configure Jetty to run the Struts 2 web
application).  As part of the tutorial I'd like to have a zipped Maven
project with these minimal configurations that the reader could download,
unzip, and import into their own Maven-aware IDE.  I'm not sure where to
host this zipped Maven project (I'm willing to put it on my own server).

For the Struts 2 web application built using Ant, I'd would give the user
detailed instructions about which jars must be on the web application's
class path (WEB-INF/lib) so the user clearly know which jar files to copy
from the download.  Again, I would have a complete minimal starter
application that the user could download and build using Ant and deploy to a
Servlet container like Tomcat or Jetty.

These two starter examples (Maven and Ant) could then be expanded upon in
the other tutorials such as HelloWorld, Using Tags, Coding Actions, etc. 
For each separate tutorial I would provide a finished Maven and Ant version
the reader could download to run/review on his/her own computer.  

As part of improving these tutorials I could ensure the many suggestions in
the comments on some of the tutorials are incorporated into the new

I realize I'm setting myself up for some work, so before I start this, I'd
like to get your opinion if this work is a good idea and would be useful for
new Struts 2 users or if the current tutorials are good enough to just copy
over to the new documentation wiki.  If you agree that redoing the tutorials
with Maven and Ant examples that users can download would be a good idea,
then where do you recommend we host the tutorials?  I'm happy to put them on
one of my servers if that is appropriate.

Thanks for the guidance.

Bruce Phillips

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