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From Andreas Joseph Krogh <>
Subject Re: struts 2.2 and guice
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 19:51:05 GMT
On Thursday 10. December 2009 20.27.32 Gabriel Belingueres wrote:
> Granted, most people implement wizards this way, but the most
> compelling use of storing state in conversation scope (IMO) is to
> allow correct behavior when a user clones a browser window, and then
> allow better support for the back button. Even with conversation
> support the pages still need to pass along at least one request
> parameter: the conversation id, so in general terms you end up writing
> the same thing only that instead of passing actual data as request
> parameters you pass only a key to some other abstraction.
> Some conversation implementations are not compelling at all. See the
> struts2scopeplugin for example, it stores only one conversation per
> user session which is of course useless for multi-window apps.
> I've been researching the conversation features in JBoss Seam and
> Spring Web Flow, which I think are the 2 more important frameworks
> supporting it. The most sophisticated one is SFW which pretty much
> abstract the whole page and actions interactions (the flow) into one
> file, that is an XML file describing a FSM of the states the app is in
> a given time. For that thing to work, the request parameter that the
> app pass along in the pages is a composite between the conversation id
> and the "continuation id" (a fancy name for naming the current state
> in the flow FSM the app is in.)
> Also the conversation scope is the basis for other features like
> supporting the handy session-per-conversation pattern in ORMs.
> What I finally mean is that I seriously consider conversation scope
> support something important (at least for the kind of apps I work in.)

All the wizards I've made the last years are AJAX-based and each "step" in the wizard knows
its index (position) and the next/prev step so it can render nice next/previous buttons and
handle "reload page" nicely. My response to "What if the user hits the back-button or ctrl+clicks
a link" is "Doctor it hurts when I do this (bangs fist against head)", which means; Dont do

So the bottom line is - yes I agree that the functionality of conversation-scope is important,
but it's not necessarily that hard to implement.  I especially do not like having to configure
a lot of XML for my wizards to work (like SWF).

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