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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: ognl 2.7.3 performance
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 16:55:42 GMT
2009/11/3 Antonio Petrelli <>:
> 2009/11/3 Musachy Barroso <>:
>> We also have FreeMarker , Velocity and we have a lot of expression
>> evaluations from Struts code itself.
> And in this case you're right, EL at Struts-side is obligatory.
> But exactly, is a bad idea to use the capability of the container to
> resolve EL expressions into values?
> This is just an idea.

Another thing, sorry for the noise :-D

If EL Expressions are interpreted Struts-side, this means that in JSP
tags the attributes that represent expressions should not be "rtexpr"
This means that they might not have an expression, so you cannot write:
<struts:tag expression="${myexpr}" />
because it is not interpreted as a string, but as an expression
illegally placed.
So you should do funny things, like string composition, to let it work.


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