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From Musachy Barroso <>
Subject Re: JRebel Struts2 plugin
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 15:14:18 GMT
that's pretty cool, I would suggest you to send this email to the user
mailing list also, and add a page to the plugin registry:

The configuration reloading is pretty fast, we have had it under
certain conditions for a while and nobody has complained about being
too slow, so I wouldn't worry about it.


2009/9/23 Sander S├Ánajalg <>:
> Hi!
> I have finished implementing the Struts2 plugin for JRebel, the JVM agent
> that enables dynamic class reloading for the Java platform. The plugin is
> basically responsible for reloading the Struts2 action mappings when the XML
> configuration files have changed or when the action classes that define
> mappings through annotations are added/reloaded. Together with class
> reloading, this should provide support for Struts2 webapp development
> without nearly no redeploys. The details are covered here:
> I just thought maybe someone of you has interest/enthusiasm to check it out
> prior to the official release. The new version of the Struts2 plugin is
> included with the nightly build, available at
> (be sure to select the
> nightly!).
> Some things I'm concerned about myself:
> - As the configuration reloading is done quite naively (i.e., quite eagerly
> and actually more often than would be really required), I wonder how
> annoying can it get for bigger webapps. If the reloading of action-mappings
> would be already something like 5 secs, then probably I should re-implement
> it in a more sophisticated way. The biggest Struts2-app in my hand is your
> Showcase demo-app, and the reloading is far less than a second for that,
> which is acceptable (but how much worse could it get for bigger apps..?)
> - As i'm really not a Struts2 developer, I'm not very familiar with all the
> other configuration issues and might have overlooked something.. are
> action-mappings actually the only piece of configuration that gets loaded
> once on application deployment? Or are there others like that, that would
> also need my plugin to force Struts2 to reload them if the developer wants
> to edit them and see the effect without redeploying his app.
> I'd be really happy to receive any kind of feedback :)
> PS. btw, ZT offers free JRebel licenses for OSS devs...
> Cheers,
> Sander

"Hey you! Would you help me to carry the stone?" Pink Floyd

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