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From "David C. Hicks" <>
Subject Re: Can I build using Struts 2.1.8-SNAPSHOT?
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 19:32:14 GMT

Wendy Smoak wrote:
> The 2.1.8-SNAPSHOT artifacts are from July, was your issue fixed that long ago?
The last update to the defect (WW-2956) was posted on September 22.  So,
maybe I'm looking for something that isn't very useful, anymore.
> I think you'll find that most people who are using snapshots are
> building the whole thing from source themselves.
I was afraid of that.  I had hoped to avoid going to that amount of effort.
> Normally I'd offer to publish some snapshots for you, but in the case
> of 2.1.8, there is a test release being voted on now.  That means
> there are real "version 2.1.8" artifacts you can try out.  I thought I
> posted a link to the vote thread when you asked on users@ (thanks for
> moving over to dev@ btw) but it should turn up in a search.  That
> thread will have the url for the non-snapshot artifacts that you can
> use.
Yes, you did send me in this direction.  Thank you!  I must have missed
the repository information in the thread.  I'll go back and look again. 
I'm really trying not to ask too many questions here - especially, in
the light of the current release vote going on.  In my mind, the effort
to get the release out is far more important that my being able to build
from the snapshot.  I was just hoping that I could try this out.  (This
defect appears to be what is keeping one of my team from being able to
participate in some of the work we're doing right now.  Fortunately, we
do have other work that he can do, instead.)

Thanks for the further response.

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