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From Don Brown <>
Subject Seeking reflections on our tag library (as a framework)
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 14:19:46 GMT
At Atlassian, every application seems to have picked a different web
framework and template engine to use.  As we are finally starting to
do some common UI work, I'm wondering if the Struts 2 tag library
framework is worth basing our tag library on.  Assume it wouldn't be
too hard to extract mostly as-is:
* Is the design solid?
* How limiting do you find it over native tags/macros in the
respective template engines?
* How useful is the theme system really? For example, properties that
are only used by some themes are confusing and error-prone.
* Any performance bottlenecks outside all the OGNL usage?
* Would Struts be interested in the result?

The benefits I see are:
* Support for Velocity, Freemarker, and JSP
* Overridable, customizable Themes
* Ability to plug in a new template engine
* Generated tld and docs

While I've worked a bit on the tags from a struts dev pov, I've
haven't used them much myself.  My gut feel is it would be worth it in
the short and long term, however I remember some discussion about
their design and value, so I'd like to revisit those concerns.

BTW, was digging around in the javatemplate stuff...very impressive!
It is cool to see simple prototype code turned into a full featured
library.  Any thoughts on how that sax-like design worked out?  Should
it have been a more DOM-like object model instead?


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