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From Musachy Barroso <>
Subject Re: [SUNDAY] Struts 2 and EL
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:28:46 GMT
yes, I was testing different engines yesterday, and groovy is around
30 times slower than OGNL, and Rhino around 17 times. JEXL seemed to
be the faster one, around 7x slower.

That being said, it doesn't change anything because what I am
suggesting is decoupling the actual implementation, OGNL could still
be used thru jsr 223, as an option and default implementation.

we would need the value stack just to lookup values, for setting
values we could use the new binder implementation, to which I just
added bytecode generation for setters/getters.

is your EL decoupled fro jcatapult?


On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:13 AM, Brian Pontarelli<> wrote:
> I would say the reason you don't want to dive into 233 would be primarily
> because of performance. You'd either need to have a compiled statement cache
> or pre-compile. Most of the scripting frameworks that comply with 233 are
> full blow languages (Groovy, JavaScript, etc) and have pretty slow parsers
> compared to EL parsers out there. You could give them a try and see, but I
> would guess you would see a large drop in performance using them. I
> personally think MVEL is one of the better ways to go once they finish some
> of the new features they have in mind for the next version (i.e. annotations
> and such).
> Or just write your own. I wrote one for JCatapult and it took about a day.
> It isn't as fast as MVEL, but it works fine for what I need and it doesn't
> mean it can't be improved on. The primary reason I did that exercise was to
> fully support 1.5 and generics as well as provide a better type conversion
> API with annotation support. The way I wrote it you can specify additional
> attributes using the taglibs or via an annotation that tell the API how to
> convert Strings to things like Money, dates, and JODA classes.
> -bp
> On Jul 5, 2009, at 4:13 PM, Musachy Barroso wrote:
>> After fighting OGNL and MVEL for a while I've got to the conclusion
>> that they aren't the best horses to bet my money on, some of the
>> reasons are not even technical so I won't go into them. So I have been
>> playing with a new idea, why should we couple struts to an EL, when we
>> can use JSR 223 (Scripting for the Java platform, some docs here:
>> and just make Struts EL agnostic? I know security would be a concern,
>> but at least we got standard ways to limit what these scripts can do
>> or not. it would be very cool if I could just set
>> <constant name="struts.scriptEngine" value="groovy" />
>> and then just use all of groovy's cool stuff in the tags. So if people
>> can just pick their favorite engine, instead of being stuck with our
>> supported implementation. What do you think?
>> musachy
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