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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Xwork injecting
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2009 06:31:52 GMT
2009/7/27 Musachy Barroso <>:
> <constant name="struts.textProvider.class" value="mytextprovider" />
> Then you register the bean in BeanSelectionProvider, like:
> alias(TextProvider.class, "struts.textProvider.class", builder, props);

But this will work only for Struts and not for XWork where the problem
is, right? As I understand XWork first build configuration base on
XWorkConfigurationProvider and on any number of
XmlConfigurationProviders (one for each xml config file). And base on
that, the Conatainer is created with defined beans ready to inject.
So, the only option to override bean definition is to put it in
xwork-default.xml and remove hard coded factory from

Or what is the difference between DefaultTextProvider (which looks
like it should be used only by Xwork internals) and
TextProviderSupport? Maybe all I need to do is to clean up such
separation of concern and make as musachy suggest? Anybody knows?


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