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From Al Sutton>
Subject RE: Struts 2.1.7 Vote
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 08:13:27 GMT
A few things I've noticed (not hugely important, but may raise some end user questions);

** Upgrade issues **

My project uses -codebehind-plugin, -core, -rest-plugin, -sitemesh-plugin. After the upgrading
just the jars I get;

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:


Does the rest plugin config file need updating to handle the new pluggable infrastructore
for the Multipart Request handler (as mentioned in the release notes)?

** Out of date jars (newer versions may have bug fixes which would be useful) **

antlr-2.7.2 (latest in 2.x branch is 2.7.7, latest is 3.1.3)
commons-collections-3.2 (latest is 3.2.1 which is just 3.2 repackage with OSGi meta data so
may not be useful).
commons-io-1.3.2 (There is a 1.4, but I'm not sure of API compatibility).
commons-lang-2.3 (latest is 2.4, I've been using 2.4 with s2.1.6 without problems)
commons-logging-1.0x (Latest is 1.1.1, I've been using 1.1.1 with s2.1.6 without problems)
freemarker-2.3.13 (Latest is 2.3.15)

** Apparently unreleased jars (might need a note to explain where they've come from) **

sitemesh-2.4.2 (latest from sitmesh site is 2.4.1)

Hope this is useful,



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-----Original Message-----
From: Wes Wannemacher [] 
Sent: 22 June 2009 22:51
To: Struts Developers List
Subject: Struts 2.1.7 Vote

The Struts 2.1.7 test build is now available.

Release notes:
* []

* []

Maven 2 staging repository:
* []

Once you have had a chance to review the test build, please respond
with a vote on its quality:

[ ] Leave at test build
[ ] Alpha
[ ] Beta
[ ] General Availability (GA)

Everyone who has tested the build is invited to vote. Votes by PMC
members are considered binding. A vote passes if there are at least
three binding +1s and more +1s than -1s.

The vote will remain open for at least 72 hours, longer upon request.
A vote can be amended at any time to upgrade or downgrade the quality
of the release based on future experience. If an initial vote
designates the build as "Beta", the release will be submitted for
mirroring and announced to the user list. Once released as a public
beta, subsequent quality votes on a build may be held on the user

As always, the act of voting carries certain obligations. A binding
vote not only states an opinion, but means that the voter is agreeing
to help do the work

In addition to the normal info above, I also want to add that I made
the distro available for easy testing through the struts zone. If you
point your browser here -

You can test our reference apps on both tomcat and jetty.

Thanks for your help!


Wes Wannemacher
Author - Struts 2 In Practice
Includes coverage of Struts 2.1, Spring, JPA, JQuery, Sitemesh and more

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