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From Don Brown <>
Subject Google App Engine support?
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 14:31:05 GMT
Has anyone tried or, better yet, succeeded in getting Struts 2 to run
on Google App Engine?  While waiting for an account, I did get the
showcase with 2.1.6 to run in the sdk.  The only sticking point was
the security manager that ognl uses.  Since the security manager is
used by GAE to lock down Java, the custom OGNL permissions are
obviously not granted, so to disable OGNL's little checks, I created
an servlet context listener that just sets
OgnlRuntime.setSecurityManager(null), which seems to do the trick.
>From what I hear, deploying on the real thing is still different than
the sdk, so I don't know if it runs for real.


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